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Frequently asked questions

What is WebPe, is it a digital business card
WebPe allows you to send everyone the information about you and your business, which serves as a rich and excellent business card. You can show who you are, what you do, which services you provide and how to reach you and contact you. You can also showcase photos, videos, and present links that lead to further information. Everything is available on any mobile phone and any computer anytime, anywhere.Your WebPe is easily customizable to fit your needs. You'll look great.
Whom is WebPe for
How WebPe helps us market ourselves and reach new customers
If I update my WebPe what will happen to the digital cards I've sent in the past
We're used to our printed business card, why do we need it
If we want to update our WebPe with new content - what do we do
If we need help - who do we turn to for support
Can I create multiple cards
What payment methods do you accept
Are there any hidden fees
How can I share my card
Is it safe, Will you spam me
Will you charge my card
Is there any commitment